A R T I S T  S T A T E M E N T

My artistic practice has been characterized by hollowware and jewelry-based objects making. I employ techniques and strategies to present a series of narrative art pieces that explore how the negotiation with different cultures can be reinterpreted in a visual form through jewelry-based object making. Through practice and research, I have drawn from my childhood memories of traditional Chinese visual culture and the exploration of personal identity through a shifting life experience of living in a variety of multi-cultural environments. My aim was to establish an experimental system that would allow me to explore my practice through object making, but also to express cultural identity through a negotiation of my original culture with other cultures. As a result, these jewelry-based and hollowware-based objects explore precious metals and other materials such as plastic and milk powder. This inquiry locates itself inside the field of jewelry and metalsmithing within the broader sphere of craft, arts and cultures.


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