The coming workshop, please sign up if you are interesting in,

Jewelry Fabrication: Building from a Ring
2017.7.28 星期五 至 2017.8.1 星期二,July-28 to August-02 2017
Location: Peters Valley Campus, Fine Metals Studio
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The coming workshop, please sign up if you are interesting in,

金属表面着色处理工艺课程 Color on Metal
2017.7.08 星期六 至 2017.7.17 星期一,July-08 to July-17 2017
华南理工大学广州学院珠宝学院, School of Jewelry, Guangzhou College, South China University of Technology
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"Awkward Position 离境"
曹毕飞艺术首饰个展 Bifei Cao Solo Exhibition
2017.4.15 星期六 14:30-16:30开幕 Saturday this afternoon, 2:30-4:30. See you all around Shanghai
Exhibition date: 2017.April.15--2017.May.20


PhD Exhibition coming....

Opening: 6pm Thursday 2 March 2017
Exhibition dates: 3 - 11 March

Bifei Cao, Doctor of Philosophy in Gold & Silversmithing




Jewellery fabrication masterclass: The craft behind the piece

Behind every beautiful piece of jewellery is an important mechanism that ensures its functionality. In this course, discover the fundamental techniques to metalshmithing - the craft behind the piece - as you create hinged and lidded jewellery boxes, brooch pins, earring hooks and necklace clasps.

14-15 & 21-22 January 2017... coming at



Intented Left Blank


Constructed Homeland, solo exhibition, April 16 - May 12, 2012

Metal-Morphic, solo exhibition, January 14 - 29, 2012

Breath, Category: Metal: Non-wearable, No Communication, Category: Metal: Non-wearable, Sculptural

Big Fish has been selected in the book 500 Rings

Featured Artist, the 41st Annual Auction Event--To Benefit Peters Valley Craft Center



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